"Love of beauty is taste. 
The creation of beauty is art."

True artistry requires an illustrative vision, the skill of defining a woman’s true and natural beauty along with the latest tools and techniques to create a genuine masterpiece.

Reet Khara, using her natural talent, experience and artistic passion brings to you ‘Rang by Reet’ where she combines vibrant and alluring Colours (Rang) with the rich and unique Tradition (Reet) of the subcontinent to create an exquisitely breath-taking and flawless look for each beautiful bride.

Accredited at London's renowned Lubna Rafiq Academy and Aamir Naveed Hair Academy, Reet Khara has trained with 2 of the leading masters in their respective fields - Lubna Rafiq, a woman who has built a brand of unmistakable quality, exceptional skill and immense acclaim in the field of Makeup & Hair Artistry; and Aamir Naveed, an exceptionally talented stylist who has revolutionized the conventionalism of hairstyling.


Find out more about Reet Khara in her exclusive interview with Desi Bride Dreams!



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